Certified Scrum Product Owner

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Mitch Lacey

The Certified Scrum Product Owner Course is a two-day course which introduces the concepts of agile product management using the Scrum methodology.

Why does this matter? The 2003 Standish Chaos study showed that 43% of all IT projects had a cost overrun. Further, 52% of all projects failed to meet objectives, 66% failed and 82% were delivered late. It's no wonder our customers are unhappy!

This course will provide you the tools, techniques and most importantly, the understanding needed to be an effective Scrum Product Owner.

This course is highly interactive. Students will learn tried & true methods for building, managing and prioritizing the Product Backlog and ways to build a product roadmap for release planning. Some of the techniques will seem a bit odd, but trust us, they work. Exercises in this class contain Innovation Games, by Luke Hohmann. These are some of the best techniques on the planet for helping customers determine what they mean and ensuring you build what they mean, not what they ask for.

At the end of this course, successful participants will be Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Product Owners as well as receive a complimentary one year membership to the Scrum Alliance, which provides you discounts to Scrum Gatherings, allows you access to member-only content such as past Gathering videos, and more.

You Will Learn

  • Overview of Scrum - We will review the Scrum framework, expanding on all elements of the framework.
  • The Product Backlog - The Product Backlog is the key to any successful Scrum team. We will explore what comprises a good Product Backlog, techniques for managing it and what happens when it goes unattended.
  • Stocking the Product Backlog - What elements make a good Product Backlog? What do we do with our users, and how do we handle technical stories? We go deep with ways to build a great product backlog to ensure a successful project.
  • Prioritizing the Product Backlog - Having a prioritized Product Backlog is key if the team is to ensure their project is not in the 52% of projects that fail objectives. We will look at steps that can be used to ensure a prioritized backlog.
  • Product Owner Responsibilities & Traits - Who can be Product Owner? Is it the Product or Project manager? We will expand on what the role of the Product Owner is and elements of great Product Owners worldwide.
  • Release Planning & Management - Knowing when things should be done is key. Knowing how to figure this out is essential to a successful project. We explore estimation units and the various levels of planning used in agile projects.

The course format consists of multiple lecture topics, group exercises and group discussion. Ample time will be devoted to analysis of the "real-world" industry experiences of the course instructor based on case study examples and experiences managing Agile projects and coaching Scrum teams.

You Will Get

  • A one-year membership to the Scrum Alliance, a $50 value
  • A printed, color copy of the course materials
  • Continental breakfast buffet, lunch, an afternoon snack and a variety of drinks
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) designation

You Will Be Able to Answer Questions Like These

  • What are some good prioritization techniques for a Product Owner?
  • What are effective ways to work with customers and stakeholders?
  • What are the potential cost benefits of using Scrum?
  • Who should be Product Owner?
  • Is the Product Owner a Full Time Job?
  • How do I build a vision for my project?
  • What are user stories and why do I care?
  • And more...